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Yin Yoga The Deck of Cards

The ‘Yin Yoga The Deck of Cards’ is a fabulous Yin Yoga educational tool for Yin yoga teachers and students alike.

The ‘Yin Yoga The Deck of Cards’ provides deep insight into the Yin yoga poses, their physical purpose, energetic feels and how to best find your own (or your students) way into the pose for that personalised physical, energetic and mental purpose benefit. 

These 62 cards are jam packed with profound information and knowledge. They will inform you of the physical and energetic purpose of the pose as well as of any subsitutes and suggestions that may be needed. 

The guidebook is a brilliant read to gain the understanding of not only how to use the cards but it also provides deep insights into Yin yoga. It explains sequencing, the bhava of the class and the energy curve of the class. It also provides guidance on how to sequence depending on season and time of day, on how to theme your class and how to inspire your students deeply. 

An amazing Yin tool for Yin yoga teachers and students. Plan a class or  your home practice, gain more knowldege about your poses and practice and dive deeper into this profound practice! 

This photo gallery below shows the poses in ‘real person’ pictures whilst the deck of card shows the stick figures of each pose. The thought behind it is for yoga teachers to be inspired to draw stick figures whilst planning classes to save time and space on in the class plan note book.


For more images, info and a video of Yin yoga The Deck of Cards or if you have not yet grabbed yours, you can do so here

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