What is the Mentoring Series about?

The Mentoring Series is a program designed to provide you with knowledge, structure, tools and opportunity for you to take your yoga to a new level.

We will together tailor The Mentoring Series to your individual needs to serve you in the best possible way.

Depending on your needs, in The Mentoring Series we will:

  • Evaluate where to take your yoga (teachings and/or practice) and to create a clear vision to move forward with.
  • Provide you knowledge, understanding and insights in your individual areas of need
  • Change limiting belief systems that are in the way of your yoga and success
  • Design a pathway for your yoga (teachings and/or practice) that you are inspired by
  • Introduce structures, ways, routines and samskaras to keep on track
  • Enabling you to achieve results, as well as living your yoga at the source of happiness, freedom, peace and joy
  • This series provides a powerful blend of the theoretical, practical and the spiritual.
  • The benefits you receive from this series will be ongoing and evolving with you, if you choose them to be. Designed to provide the platform for you to spread your wings and fly, this program asks you to think big, and dare to dive in to yoga (and the continuous learning yoga is all about) and be inspired. You will leave this series with a fabulous toolkit, tailored to you, ready to move forward with.

Depending on your needs this series will provide you a deeper awareness spiritually, emotionally, mentally and practically.

What to expect…

I ask that you use our time together to challenge yourself, open your Being to feel, think and welcome difference and change. To tune into you, the ‘greatest you’ and allow the required shifts to come and meet you. I ask you to welcome new opportunities with an open heart.

The series will enable you to identify, grow and develop that which you hold most valuable within your yoga personally and professionally. The program is a place in which to own, develop and realise your deepest vision for your yoga path, maybe even for yourself and what you are committed to.

I am committed to supporting you all along the way

The Pow Wow

1 mentoring session $160AUD or approx. $115USD

Ignite and Flourish!

3 sessions $465AUD or approx. $325USD
(these 3 sessions are to be completed within 2 months from the first session)

Blossom and Soar!

5 sessions $760AUD or approx. $530USD
(these 5 sessions are to be completed within 3 months from the first session)

A mentoring session may extend beyond the zoom or in person time. There may be follow up emails and after/ in between sessions works to complete and report back on.

The mentoring packages are designed to provide insights, knowledge and change. They will challenge you in your yoga but at the same time lift you to higher grounds. They will invite you to change your perspective, create new neuropathways and rid of old and generate new samskaras (habits) that will serve you in this moment of life, teaching, yoga and studying.

The sessions are tailored to your needs and we will work on an individual level to lift your yoga practice and teachings to a new level.

I do take on a limited number of mentoring students as I do give it a lot of time, energy and full support, so don’t hesitate if you want to join. To make this opportunity yours, please fill out and answer and submit the Mentoring Interest Form.

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