Yin and Intelligent sequencing

20 Hours accredited Yin yoga teacher training.

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Melbourne: 4 – 5 May 2024

Central Coast: TBA

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Teacher: Mysan Sidbo International Yin yoga teacher and yoga teacher educator

This training includes deep information on how to create sequences that are physically and energetically well balanced, packed with intelligent ways of increasing the knowledge for the teacher to deliver a class with depth, an educated feel, and embodied understanding for the student.

A hands on training providing an experience on a ‘feel’ and embodied level as well as a cognitive level to establish thorough understanding.

  • It will provide understanding on how to speak your student’s language and how to verbally reach each student individually even though in a class scenario.
  • We will explore how to use your voice in a profound way while teaching a class.
  • We will learn about the timing and pacing of the sequence and each pose. 
  • Learn more about the length of a pose and the importance of it. Difference in pose duration.
  • Explore how to queue with depth and accuracy, whilst allowing each student to find their unique way into the shape.
  • We will explore and ponder how to set the mood, feel and vibe of the class.
  •  How to plan, and deliver a theme for a class in an informed, educated and profound way.
  • Understand the functional levels of theming for a class.
  • Gain understanding of how to teach differently depending on the time of day, season and weather conditions.
  • Being able to deliver the correct energy curve of a class.


Investment for the student: $599 early bird or full price $899

This is an accredited training and the participant will receive a 20 hour Yin yoga TT diploma if the trainings is successfully completed.

Pre-requisite: A successfully completed Yin yoga teacher training. This is a post graduate training for Yin yoga teachers.

Approximately 3 hours pre study (before the face to face weekend) and 3 hours post study (after the face to face weekend) is needed for completing this training successfully.

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